V2.1 (version history)

[Single Query] mode
  • Select a gene.
  • Type the HGVS name of a single variant you wish to query (beginning with "c." or "p.").
  • Example variants:
    • BRCA1 c.5207T>C(p.Val1736Ala)
    • MSH2 c.1915C>T(p.His639Tyr)

  • [Batch Query] mode
    Batch query mode is currently under development

    At this time, CanVar membership is limited to UK NHS scientists and clinicians. However, please be assured that the vast majority of the database can be viewed without membership rights. If you are a UK NHS scientist or clinician, please reapply using your NHS email address (if you have not already done so) to access regional and ethnicity matched UK data.

    The Cancer Variant Database is a repository of annotations for variants in cancer predisposition genes only.
    The information on CanVar-UK is not intended for direct diagnostic use or medical decision-making without review by a genetics professional. Information displayed on CanVar-UK has not been independently verified.
    All feedback and queries are welcomed at: CanVIG@icr.ac.uk